Monday, March 4, 2013

What's your focus?

OK, so I will admit it, I am a bad blogger.  I really want to be a good blogger….in fact I am constantly composing blogs in my head.  But somehow the task of translating those to typed thoughts has seemed so daunting lately. I've come to the conclusion that the most difficult time for a cancer patient is after treatment ends.  I know my fellow warriors will concur.  For every person diagnosed with cancer you will come to one of two ends.  It will either be death or life.  As I type that I realize how profound it really is.   It is true for your physical body.  You either reach a NED (no evidence of disease) status or you continue treatment until there is nothing left to be done which for most people eventually leads to physical death.  I think when it comes to life though you actually do experience a death of sorts.  It's a death of the life you knew before Cancer.    Before cancer I had a plan and so many little details that seemed to really matter and now, well now, my life has a whole new outlook. The things that used to matter seem so miniscule in retrospect. There are times in life where we are forced to really look at what is happening and what it would he like if it all ended now. Would we have accomplished our purpose here? Everyday we need to purpose to choose life! Don't let the need to plan for the future rob you of the joy of today. :) 

*7/24/13 Not sure why I never posted this? Sorry I've been MIA lately.... But it's time to get back to posting..... No new health updates as of today :)