Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keeping Christ in Christmas... With elf on the shelf

So this is how we are shifting the focus off of Santa and onto Jesus this year.... And teaching our kids to share the gospel....using our Elf on the Shelf, Johnny Elf! Just thought I would share with you guys! :)

Yes Johnny Elf cut up our Elf on the Shelf book!

I will tell you that after the kids read the letter this morning there were a few things that Santa may need to specify.  One would be that your elf can't go to church with you.  We had to emphasize that this is a great way to share Jesus with friends, but no so much for an Elf.  The other thing is when Santa tells the kids to forget EVERYTHING that you read in the Elf on the Shelf book that does not include keeping our elf friend a secret from others.  We had to explain that some kids don't have Elves yet so we don't want to brag or make someone feel bad because they don't have one.   This is going to be fun!!!  I will post more Johnny Elf pics as he gets into trouble!

Here is what the letter says in case you are having a hard time reading it:

Dear Taylor, Kayden, and Jake,
        I’m so glad to know that you are taking such good care of my friend Johnny Elf.  He’s told me how much you love Jesus and how you pray every morning, before every meal, and before bed.  I was so excited to hear this because I love Jesus too!  And so does Johnny Elf!
        I have a secret to tell you.  I know that everyone tells you that I keep a naughty and nice list.  But that is not true.  I do have a list, but it is a list of the kids who believe in me, even though they cannot see me.  I bring these kids gifts whether they are good or bad because I love them.  No one is perfect and sometimes even I mess up (and so does Johnny Elf), but Jesus loves us anyways and shows us grace as long as we believe in Him!  Grace is receiving something even when we don’t deserve it.  And Jesus has given us the greatest gift….salvation!  Because Jesus died on the cross we get to live in Heaven with God even though we are not perfect like God.  Isn’t that AMAZING???
        Now I want you to forget everything that you’ve read in the book about Johnny Elf.  I have an assignment for you guys.  You see, Johnny Elf is still learning about Jesus and his grace.  He messes up a little more often than he should, but he is learning.  It is ok to touch him during the day (but no fighting over him because it will make him sad) because I would like you to help me teach Johnny Elf about grace.  I want you to show him love even if he messes up.  And tell him about how Jesus loves us even though we mess up sometimes.  He may not answer you, but believe me he is listening
        I told Johnny Elf about your cruise and he is so excited to get on a big boat so don’t forget to bring him and take lots of pictures with him.   You are three amazing kids and I love you very much.  Keep shining bright for Jesus and don’t forget that we give each other gifts to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.  He was a gift to us from God!  And He is the reason for the season.  I can’t wait to hear what Johnny Elf is learning from the Jasien kids!
Merry Christmas!




  1. I Love this idea and can not wait to start this tradition of the elf with my girls teaching their elf how to Love God more!!

  2. This is fabulous! I just finished making an elf on the shelf, and I was trying to figure out how to use him like this :)