Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The C Word

"Dr. Van Hal asked me to call and let you know the biopsy came back positive." 
"Ok, you mean for cancer?  Correct?"
The poor woman couldn't even say the word. Although faced with the same task, I'm not sure I could do it either: call a 28 year old mom of 3 and tell her she has breast cancer! 
She seemed surprised by my lack of emotional outburst.  Very calmly I continued to ask her the next steps and what all she needed from me.
Later on in the afternoon the radiologist called as well to give me more information....She was more direct, but again was taken back by my lack of complete hysterics.  All I kept thinking is, "They don't know my Jesus and what He is capable of here." 
And the truth is neither did I until a few months ago.  I've been in the church since I can remember. But the truth is I've never learned all that really happened when Christ died on the cross. All the promises that were made are now mine to posses as long as I choose to take possession of them.
One of those is healing!

No tears were shed on my part!  I know that God's got this!  And I can't wait to see how He chooses to use me here!

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  1. LOVE that bracelet! May I ask where you got it?